“Dealing with an institution instead of the public is time saving and cost effective”


Finding a buyer for real estate typically requires an estate agency to list your offer and source a member of the public willing to pay, which can take several months and often years. The alternative is to sell directly to an institutional investor to achieve an immediate transaction, Morlo Capital offers such an avenue.  


Morlo operates its own capital; we are not leveraged and require no consent or involvement of a bank, syndicate or third party in our decision making.

Our process: 

A team of analysts filter and present viable real estate opportunities to feed to our fund managers. Acquisition decisions are driven by empirical research and modelling, as such conclusions are instant. Combined with our market experience this process allows us to offer fixed prices and transfer of funds within 72 Hours*.


Pledged funds are available and conveyancing commences immediately, we operate a vigorous purchasing policy with the speed of transaction being of utmost importance. Inhouse solicitors are tasked to complete transactions upon presentation of documentation limited only by the speed at which state authorities issue critical paperwork.


We operate only in specific areas that have been designated as viable for our strategy. We do not respond to every enquiry. We will respond if acquisition of your asset fits with our goals and is in an area of our current operation.



*subject to correct presentation of all required documentation
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