About Us

Morlo is a private equity real estate fund primarily focussed on Eastern European asset acquisitions.

We seek attractive, risk-adjusted returns by operating only where demographics and market rental rates meet our thresholds. Driven by rigorous research, we acquire according to our comprehensive internal underwriting based on 15 years of in-depth analysis and market surveillance.


We own and operate a diversified portfolio of fundamental real estate in all major asset classes with an overweighting towards residential units. Having completed 2,500+ unit transactions with combined revenue of 120,000,000+ Euros, Morlo’s team is uniquely positioned to asses and acquire real estate quickly and efficiently.


Morlo builds on long-lasting relationships with a network of specialists within its target region, together we provide robust long-term asset management solutions that delivers value through volume unachievable on a small scale.


Pledged funds are available and conveyancing commences immediately, we operate a vigorous purchasing policy with the speed of transaction being of utmost importance. Inhouse solicitors are tasked to complete transactions upon presentation of documentation limited only by the speed at which state authorities issue critical paperwork.