Morlo Capital is actively acquiring property throughout Bulgaria
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“We are hedging long-term and not aiming for immediate returns. We are willing to buy tomorrow what many are looking to sell today”. Release the value of your investment without waiting for a buyer, contact us with details of your offer.
Property Value Assessment

No commissions. No hidden extras

Fixed Price, Conveyancing Included
Payment within 72 Hours*
*upon Presentation of Documents
No Travel Required
Sign all Documentation Locally to you
For Investors
"Our objective is to double our Bulgarian investment portfolio by Q4 2022" Repeatable returns through stable low risk acquisitions, be part of the next round of funding.
Portfolio Capital Gains Average
Acquisition of Equity Outstrips Market Performance
Average Rental Returns
Fully Managed & High Occupancy
Gross Transaction Value To Date
Retention and Resale Balanced in all Asset Classes
Estate Agents
Contact us if you are actively operating in the market and are seeking stock to represent or have opportunities that could be of interest to Morlo Capital.
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